Dance Dynamics!

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Now that classes are underway, we welcome you to the 23RD season of DANCE DYNAMICS.  We are looking forward to a successful year of dance study and development.




CD’s of practice music and songs are available for first and second-year pre-school students.  These cost $5.00 each and may be ordered after December but no cd’s will be made after March 30th.



Private lessons will begin during the month of October.  Private lessons are only offered if the student is enrolled in that particular class.  For example: a student must be taking tap and jazz in order to take tap or jazz private lessons.



Tuition is due by the 15th of each month and should be paid at the studio.  No monthly statements are sent unless the account is past due.


If tuition is not received by the third lesson of the month, the student will not be allowed to participate in class.  If you have problem with your tuition payment, please notify the secretary at 859-9700.  There is also a $30.00 charge for each returned check.



There are no deductions from tuition for missed classes.  If your child must be absent due to illness, she/he may make-up her/his class within a month.  Ask your instructor for a make-up day and time.  Although we are closed for Christmas and Spring Break, the full tuition is still due for these months. Remember some months have 5 weeks and we run on 4-week months.


Encourage your child to finish out the year.  Remember:  Winners never quit; quitters never win.  If your child does quit, however, please notify the office or instructor because we will continue to charge you until we are notified.



Please check the bulletin board and the front door for upcoming events.  We do our best to make sure every the dates and have all information and payments in on time.child knows about conventions and competitions.  These require deadlines, so please make sure you check



  1. All students must wear a leotard to class.  Hair needs to be pulled neatly off the face.


2.      Students are required to be on time and to attend class regularly.  If two

consecutive classes are missed, parents will be notified.


  1. Students who disrupt class will be sent out and parents will be notified.


4.      Please put names in all shoes.  We cannot be responsible for lost articles or used shoes  left for resale at the studio.



We do our best to place your child in the appropriate class for her/his level and ability.  Please bear with us, as we may have to move your child to a different class or split a class up due to size.




You are invited to observe your child’s class during the week of December 14th thru December 17th, during the regular class time.  If you wish to discuss your child’s progress before then, our instructors will be happy to talk to you.  If you wish to speak with Missy personally, please call the studio at 859-9700.  Phone calls received after 7:30 will be returned the next day.  If you need to speak to Missy at home, call 457-4278 after 9:00 am and before 9:00 pm.




The following holidays will be observed, so please keep in mind for future reference.



Thanksgiving                                                            Wed. 11/25/15 thru Sun. 11/29/15


Christmas                                                                  Mon.  12/21/15 thru Sun. 1/3/16

                                                                                    Classes resume Mon. 1/4/16


Spring Break                                                             TBD


Dress Rehearsal                                                        Wed. 5/18/16 (Polk County High School)


Recital                                                                        Sat. 5/21/16 (Polk County High School)  


Snow Days—if the weather is bad, we will not have classes:  class will be made up at a later date.  In general, if Polk County and Spartanburg District 1 are not operating, neither are we.  We ARE NOT closed for teacher workdays – only holidays.


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